Solar Flower Power Street Lamps

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  • For once one of the multi nationals is looking to nature for the answers, and in doing so has come up with something truly beautiful. Inspired by how flowers open up to the sun to collect the suns energy, the Blossom Street Lighting by Philips transforms cityscapes from industrial to ecological featuring photovoltaic petals that open during the day to collect energy, then at night, the light closes and Led lights turn on to brighten city streets.

    Designed for the Philips Simplicity Event in 2008, the Light Blossom is a light pole for outdoor use that collects its own energy from the sun and wind by transforming its appearance. Adapting to the day’s rhythms or triggered by activity, proximity motion sensing ensures that efficient LEDs beam light only when and where required.

    Light Blossom’s LEDs use half of the energy of a traditional street light for the same light output, and overproduced electricity is fed back to the grid.

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    References: www.design.philips.com

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